Luca sat bolt upright in bed. The clock on the night stand glowed eerily in the darkness of the cabin. She peered at it, her left hand fumbling for her glasses. “Who’s making that damned racket at 7.30 in the morning?!”  Silence. She turned to her right. John wasn’t there and his side of the bed hardly looked rumpled. She wondered if he actually slept, like normal people.

Another loud bang sounded.

 “Goddammit! Can’t a person get some sleep around here?!?” She fastened her robe and shuffled to the door. “I knew we should have taken a cabin further from the galley, but does John ever listen to me, or anyone else, for that matter? What good is positive Feng Shui, if you can’t get a decent night’s sleep!?” No amount of good Feng Shui is gonna help you if the Devil himself has got it in for you !” She stepped out of her cabin and straight into a cloud of acrid smoke. “Oh God...

Following the smoke trail, she arrived at the kitchen, not knowing what to make of the debacle before her eyes. John was in his shirtsleeves, scraping cheese, tomato sauce and clumps of what looked like dough, from the roof of the microwave oven.  Over by the stove, D  was holding a fire extinguisher and standing in a hissing puddle of white foam. 

“What the hell is going on guys??” Luca almost yelled, cranky from nights of sleep deprivation, trying to get dd’s blog up and running.  Her eyes were beginning to water from the smoke. “Uh, we ..were trying to make...breakfast.” D  grinned sheepishly, the extinguisher still in his hands. She walked over to the stove and stared disbelievingly at the incinerated bacon and eggs, covered in extinguisher foam. “Tell me that’s not Eggs Benedict.”

Perry lumbered in, coughing.  He stopped in his tracks and stood, bare to the waist, scratching his belly. Through the dissipating smoke, he slowly took in the scene. “Well I guess dd’s already gone then.” Spying the inch of coffee left in the pot, he scooted over and poured it all out into a cup. “At least she made coffee first.” 

The intercom crackled to life. “Will somebody get me a goddamned cup of coffee?!!?”, Capt. M bellowed, missing his 6 a.m. java jolt. Caffeine deprivation was clearly taking its toll on the navigationally-challenged pilot. Perry chuckled when he noticed the empty coffee canister. “Guess I should go tell him to land at the next Starbucks.”